Equity Afia offers quality doctor’s consultation, nursing care and excellent client services. In addition, we use World Health Organization (WHO)’s recommended standardized care protocols. Our doctors have exceptional skills in patient education, emergency medicine and follow-up on longterm clinical conditions for both communicable and noncommunicable diseases, including, diabetes, hypertension, HIV and AIDS, asthma, arthritis. Equity Afia provides primary healthcare with a focus on preventative services including adolescent health, men’s health, maternal and child health

Our nursing department is the medical centres’ backbone that gives patients a positive medical experience and a conducive environment for quick recovery. We take pride in our staff who are highly trained and are committed to quality patient care, recognizing the need to treat patients with utmost respect and professionalism in a timely and effective manner. We place great emphasis on guiding patients through every step of the healthcare journey, to ensure that they are always kept informed and understand what to expect.

Equity Afia has an extensive network of selected hospitals to provide in-patient services thereby extending our patients’ satisfaction and quality along their continuum of care.